What happens in case of late delivery?

Updated a month ago ​by Eelway

At the airport or train station : 

To avoid such a situation, we ask you to choose a delivery time at least two hours before your departure. If your luggage arrives after your departure from the airport / station, we will refund the order. A member of the Eelway team will contact you to organize an express delivery of your luggage to your destination or a transfer the next day, whether it is at your home, your place of work or even at your home or to your neighbour. You will be informed in real time of this transfer.

At your house, home rental or hotel : 

You need to choose the perfect time slot for us to deliver your luggage. You'll get notified by e-mail and text message once our concierge will be on his/her way and when he/she arrived at your location. We kindly ask you to be ready to receive your luggage once the concierge is here. 

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