What time slot should I choose?

Updated 25 days ago ​by Eelway

At the airport and at the train station:

To avoid any delays, we ask you to choose a time slot at least two hours before your departure. 

Regarding your arrival, going through customs can take a while, that is why we recomment to book a time slot, 45 minutes to 1hr after your plane lands in Paris.

At your house, home rental or hotel: 

You need to choose the perfect time slot for us to deliver your luggage. You'll get notified once our concierge will be on his/her way and when he/she arrived at your location. We kindly ask you to be ready to receive your luggage once the concierge is here.

Please note, that for collection, you can leave your luggage at your hotel's front desk if your hotel allows it. This will prevent you from waiting for our concierge and we can pick it up later. You only need to choose the time slot when your luggage will be available at the reception. 

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